Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift, C Lazy U’s Ranch Operations and Outfitters Program Manager, carries a pallet of lodgepole pines ready to be planted at the ranch. On Oct. 1 2023, OneCanopy helped the ranch plant trees to restore lands burned in the East Troublesome Fire.

The C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, CO had 6,000 acres impacted by the East Troublesome Fire in 2020. In early October 2023, 40 OneCanopy volunteers planted 1,600 trees to help bring this landscape back to life.

The East Troublesome Fire ignited Oct. 14, 2020, changing the landscape and lives of Grand County residents. C Lazy U Ranch in Granby was in the fire’s path. On Oct. 21, the fire exploded across Colorado Highway 125, right through C Lazy U.

Since the fire, the ranch’s owners, employees and even guests have worked to restore the damaged landscape.

Nature does a great job of healing itself, as shown by grass and aspens growing in the former barren landscape. But nature often needs a helping hand. On Oct. 1, 2023, C Lazy U staff and volunteers teamed up with OneCanopy to plant 1,600 new trees in the burn scar.

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