Deciduous seedlings
Deciduous seedlings at OneCanopy’s Loveland, Colorado nursery

The International Day of Forests in March was a timely reminder of the critical role trees play in our environment. Here in Colorado, we face a significant challenge: millions of acres need reforestation due to climate change and human impact.

OneCanopy, founded in 2023 by Fort Collins native Kevin Brinkman, hopes to be a seed of change. The innovative social enterprise is Colorado’s first reforestation company, tackling the challenge from the ground up – literally. The company’s focus is on growing native trees and shrubs specifically suited to the Rocky Mountain region.

“This International Day of Forests, we celebrate all the people and companies taking a proactive approach to reforestation in Colorado,” said director of operations and business development Katelynn Martinez. “We sponsor and partner with the Forest Stewards Guild because we align with their vision of an ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forest industry. As a triple bottom line company, those values are paramount to us.”

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