Loveland’s OneCanopy is on a mission to grow trees and shrubs to reforest areas hit hard by wildfire, drought and beetle kill in Colorado and beyond. 

Brinkman Real Estate’s CEO, Kevin Brinkman, has started a business to help reforest areas in the Rocky Mountain region hit hard by years of beetle kill, wildfires, and drought.

Brinkman started OneCanopy after reading an article about deforestation. A Nature Conservancy and U.S. Forest Service study estimated the U.S. needs 30 billion additional trees by 2040 to adequately address large-scale deforestation.

“I couldn’t believe the numbers coming out of that study,” said Brinkman, who is not giving up his day job. “It showed how important it is for private (businesses) to start investing in this effort for us to meet these goals.”

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