Cam Reader OneCanopy
Lead Nursery Tech Cam Reader waters seedlings in the main greenhouse.

It all started with an article. In February 2021, researchers from The Nature Conservancy and the United States Forest Service explored the aggressive reforestation goals that have been proposed in response to climate change. Their study showed that 30 billion trees were needed by 2040, requiring nursery production in the US to more than double to meet this target.

Fort Collins native Kevin Brinkman has joined the effort to combat deforestation issues in the Rocky Mountain region by founding OneCanopy, Colorado’s first reforestation company.

The company is a privately funded social enterprise that aims to engage in various facets of the reforestation pipeline, beginning with a seedling nursery growing plants that are native to the Rocky Mountain region. Although the seedling nursery is the company’s first official foray in to the conservation space, their vision is to engage in every aspect of the reforestation pipeline. Over time, OneCanopy plans to add project financing and implementation, seed collection, out-planting, and post-project monitoring to their services.

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